Graham is the founding director of Metamoorephosis. and as a former teacher has over 30 years experience of working with over 250,000 young people and 30,000 teachers across the world. He has an inspirational story of his own and continues to work with and empower even the most hard to reach youths. He is now regarded as one of the country’s leading speakers and authorities on improving wellbeing for students and staff in the workplace..

Graham was a hugely successful teacher for 13 years in a very tough Merseyside school. He was as senior teacher with responsibility for teaching and learning and had an innovative and creative approach to pedagogy, developing techniques and methods that attracted national and international attention and visitors. He has a deep and empathic understanding of teaching, education, schools and young people.

He is a unique, powerful and accomplished speaker whose presentations are capable of reaching a wide variety of audiences. He has an amusing and engaging style of delivery and coupled with his dry Merseyside wit, makes him very easy and compelling to listen to. He has run hundreds of teacher events from keynotes and twilights to full day inset training days.

He had a colourful childhood, which is translated into a powerful story, is relevant to anyone working in dysfunctional communities. Graham grew up in the 1970’s in very challenging circumstances in a tough area on a Merseyside council estate. He knows why young people do what they do, because as a teenager he did the same. He has many amusing but highly insightful anecdotes about his brushes with the law and the Police.

Furthemore Graham has given Keynote speeches to many adult audiences at the National Conferences of SSAT, Sec Ed Pupil Premium, E-Act, Ormiston Trust, YST amongst many more. He talks with clarity and purpose about the importance of remaining focused and passionate at work. He has motivated and inspired many education professionals to reconnect with their jobs, helping them to regain their original spark.

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