Graham provides a wide range of bespoke teacher training events that are Needs led and outcome focused, including keynote speeches, after school twilight sessions, whole school training days, weekend residentials and ongoing CPD staff support.


Graham’s particular interests and areas of strength are:

  • Transforming and creating new school cultures; Change
  • Pedagogical excellence, risk taking and paradigm shifts
  • The purpose of education in its widest sense, global
    citizenship, parenthood, Xinancial security, etc
  • Wellbeing in the workplace
  • The culture of schools, i.e. the melting pot that is youth
    culture & staff culture
  • Behaviour management in staff and students
  • Understanding young people and youth culture, what
    makes students tick and engage
  • Character education and the holistic development of
    young people
  • Barriers to learning and success, i.e. Conformity,
    compliance, behaviour to belong, etc
  • Keynote speeches

    Graham was once described by a teacher, after giving a keynote as the second best speaker he had ever heard! The best ? Muhamed Ali – not a bad runner up. Any speech he gives really will have your staff thinking and itching to get back into lessons to try out their new ideas. You give him a topic and 5 desired outcomes and Graham will translate it into a scintillating and inspiring talk for your staff.

  • Twilight Training Sessions

    These sessions are fast paced, deeply engaging sessions that typically run from 3:30 -5:30pm. There is an option to have young people involved as a surprise to the staff group, which will bring the deepest relevance and utmost meaning to any group of teachers leaving a powerful and lasting legacy to their professional practice.

  • Twilight Training Sessions

    Invite all your staff team along to these days, site staff, admin staff and support staff will all benefit from participation and engagement in one of these truly unforgettable training days. These days are perfect springboards for school leaders wanting to create a new start and chapter for their school. Using his unique Theory of Change, these experiences really challenge all staff to consider and reconnect with the original motives for joining the profession.

  • Other CPD Experiences

    Graham also offers other professional development opportunities from which staff can learn and develop new skills. Weekend residential courses are available for small groups such as Senior leaders or middle managers where Graham will facilitate a series of bespoke workshops to help your staff achieve their outcomes.

Graham also offers on-going support and mentoring for staff with half termly visits in which he will observe, coach and improve the performance of a select group of staff. He can also provide focused and specialised ‘Horse Whisperer’ sessions, where he will work with groups of students to bring his ideas to life whilst staff observe and Xinish with a Q & A.

Unique & high impact staff development